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What We

Whether you are looking to gain confidence, gain focus or gain a community, Results Based Fitness is the place for you.

Through fitness, athletics or nutrition you will become a better version of yourself every single day. Our motto at RBF is You are Stronger than you Think and our goal is to show you that you are LIMITLESS.

Meet Your 

Hey there!


My name is Kate Brownell and ​I've been coaching for the last seven years, whether it was on a softball diamond, in the gym, or in every day life. I started out as a Collegiate Softball Coach at Amherst College where I absolutely fell in love with developing strong powerful women mentally, physically, and on the softball field. Here are a few of my personal accomplisments over the years:

• 2005 National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee (Cooperstown, NY)

• 2005 Little League Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee (Williamsport, NY)

• Featured in Cosmo Girl's Top 10 Born to Lead

• Placed in the top 3 for all 5 challenges, winning 1st overall twice in the Edge Challenge Weight Loss Competitions as a Trainer

• Featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The New York Times, The Guiness Book of World Records, Ripley's Believe It or Not

• Starred in ESPN2 Cold Pizza, Good Morning America, Fox News, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings,World News tonight with Brian Williams

• Awarded the U.S. Senate Liberty Award

• First Female Athlete to Earn the “IRON BENGAL” Award

• All-SUNYAC First Team and All ECAC Northeast Region First Team Accolades

Regardless of all of my accomplishments, I always knew I wanted to impact and inspire as many people as I could and working with only one team was limiting for me. I found it just wasn't enough. So I gave up softball to focus on being a full-time personal trainer & strength coach where I could reach hundreds of people & athletes at a time and help change the world!

I absolutely love what I do more than anything and all of my clients can attest to that. There is nothing more rewarding than watching my clients find their inner strength, build confidence, and realize that they are limitless! Be sure to check out the transformation page to see how all of their hardwork has paid off!  I guarantee that working with me will be one of the best decisions you've ever made, both mentally and physically.

If there's one thing in this world that you invest in, let it be yourself!


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