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 Client Transformations

Client Testimonials

I've been with Kate for two and a half years now. I came to her post shoulder surgery wanting to get back into shape after my downtime. She understood my limitations and designed workouts that totally catered to my needs. My expectations were low, I admit, simply because I've had other trainers in the past that didn't listen to me or challenge me. Kate blew my mind. I saw results quickly and as I healed and got stronger her workouts became harder and continue to challenge me daily. Kate meets you at your level. If you are willing to do the work, put the time and effort in and follow her nutrition guides she will help you conquer every one of your fitness goals!

- Tanya C.

There are not enough good things to say about RBF! Kate, the owner and lead trainer is absolutely phenomenal! She truly is the most personable and down to earth person you will ever meet. Her passion for fitness and her support is why all of her clients see such amazing results! This team that she has built and the group classes are like no other gym I have been apart of. It feels like family and everyone makes you feel so welcomed and also encourages you to hit your goals! I have lost close to 30 lbs in about 3.5 months because of RBF and Kate! Seriously don't wait another day to join this group! I am sad I waiting as long as I did!

- Michelle A

If it's results you want then train with "killer Kate."  She has knowledge on the nutrition side as well as expertise on the building your strength side. Her workouts are well planned and have varied the point of never in three years of twice a week has there been a repeat session !!!

- Lisa M.

Kate Brownell has been my personal trainer for a few years and she is absolutely the best!! She is completely dedicated and devoted to helping all her clients achieve their goals and beyond. Her personal training sessions and group classes are so creative, challenging and fun. You will work hard and see amazing results!!!

- Nancy D.

I started working with Kate through a 6 week challenge, and I have never felt stronger! After the success I experienced in those 6 weeks, and how much better I felt physically and mentally, I couldn't imagine stopping there! Results Based Fitness is everything its name says it is and more, helping you build a healthy lifestyle for years to come. No matter what your goals are, Kate will work with you to reach those with what you have available to you. Individual workouts, nutrition coaching, group workouts, personalized macros, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals...what more could you ask for?!

- Taylor S.

Kate is by the far the best trainer I have ever had. She is the best motivator and truly cares about her clients. She ALWAYS goes above and beyond and knows how to get results the heathy ways. I had plateaued and she changed my meal plan and within a week I lost 4 pounds and had way more energy! She makes you realize it is not a diet but a life style change. I cannot say enough about Kate and will forever by grateful for her changing my life!

- Kelsey C.

Training with Kate has changed my life and trust me, she'll change your life too. In just 6 months, she's helped me consume more calories (previously I was eating less than 1000), build muscle, and not rely on my scale for results. Not only does Kate push her clients to be better and stronger, but she's always there when you're having a rough day. She truly cares about her clients and their success.

- Heather S.

She will change your life forever!

- Maria H.

Kate is absolutely fantastic! As someone that is anxious about being in public due to COVID, she has allowed me to begin virtual training via FaceTime during March 2020. She always take the time to answer any questions I may have; and has been incredibly flexible with my crazy nightshift schedule. She has gone from my trainer to being one of my friends. I highly recommend her to anyone that would be thinking about personal training.

- Melissa M. 

Kate is amazing with everything she does and offers. She puts her whole life into her clients and is sure to individualize everyone's needs to goals. I recommend her to anyone I know at any level.Lucky to have her as my coach!

- Taylor H.

I've been working with Kate for a couple of years now and she has managed to make exercising fun. Additionally I wound up hurting my knee (nothing to do with her and has been a problem for many years) and she working with me to get me ready for total knee replacement. The physical therapist said that this definitely contributed to me being far ahead of the curve in my continuing rehabilitation. I'm looking forward to working with Kate again after my rehab is completed.

- Steve K.

Before i met Kate, i knew i needed a change but i was 100% ready yet! Kate was always available and once I was ready to commit she changed my life! I wouldn't have a healthy relationship with food and the gym without her!

- Lex Y.

My son has different abilities and Kate treated him like she would anyone else. That's rare and we're beyond thankful. She has gone above and beyond what would be in her job description as a personal trainer. She is dedicated, available and gives 110% to her clients. Our lives have been enriched by Kate's presence.

- Karen

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