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Client Testimonials

My journey started with Kate as a gift from my daughters and continued with a secret Santa gift.  At that time, I was so embarrassed and ashamed of how I had let myself go.  I was so unhealthy, overweight and out of shape and figured I was a hopeless cause. I was so afraid of failing and disappointing everyone.


Then I met Kate who was so kind, genuine and knowledgable.  Her positive attitude, her passion for fitness and nutrition, her patience and sense of humor helped motivate me through my first month.  Each workout being different, Kate challenged me and celebrated even my simplest of wins.  I never left the gym feeling like a failure as Kate and all the RBF family were my biggest cheerleaders!  I weigh less, am much stronger, and feel the healthiest I have felt in years all thanks to Kate.


Although the before/after pictures of Kate’s clients show amazing results, they do not show you one of the most important aspects of RBF.  Through Kate’s passion and knowledge for fitness, she has built a fitness community where everyone works hard but still has fun, supports each other both physically and emotionally, is full of kindness and positive attitudes, in other words, a family!  This experience has changed my life so thank you Kate and my RBF family!

- Sue B.

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